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Car Accident & Medical Malpractice Attorney Serving Washington DC

You should not have to suffer when another person's actions injure you or make you lose one of your loved ones. Luckily, the law gives you away to pursue restitution for this other party's actions-just call your local car accident attorney to begin the process.

The Law Offices of Joel M. Finkelstein have served the Washington, DC area for over 45 years. This firm handles both automobile and medical malpractice suits, and we can help you secure compensation for pain and suffering, medical costs, property damage, and lost wages.
Medical Malpractice and Birth Injuries - Legal representation for personal injury cases in Montgometry country, MD

Restore Your Quality of Life After Medical Malpractice

You can usually trust medical professionals to care for you properly, but sometimes errors occur. You may receive the wrong diagnoses and suffer health problems as a result of incorrect treatment. You may receive the wrong medication or the wrong surgery. Or medical personnel may neglect you. Whatever the case, we can help you win the financial means to restore your quality of life.
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Win Restitution After a Car Accident

When an individual drives under the influence, drives distractedly, or drives recklessly, he or she may pull faultless individuals into an accident and cause serious injuries and property damage. Whether you drove a motorcycle, car, or truck at the time of the accident, Joel M. Finkelstein can take your suit to court in Washington, DC and secure the financial compensation you deserve.
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